29 November

The programme «Russia-Croatia» at the Tretyakov Gallery

During November at the Tretyakov Gallery takes place a Russia-Croatia programme: film dialogues.
23 November

Hidden Siberian pillars

Sundrun Pillars that are located in the depths of northern Siberia, were accidentally discovered in 2016 year by a biologist and a photographer Alexander Krivoshapkin when he flew a helicopter through a vast territory above the surface of Siberia.
19 November

Advent Cultural events in Zagreb

Advent events are held on 14 locations in Zagreb from December, 1 to January, 6 with a special emphasis on cultural events.
12 November


This year the Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) is promoting their health tourism to six countries.
08 November

The best City hotel and the Hotel of the Year

Esplanade Zagreb Hotel was awarded two prestigious awards – for the Best City Hotel and the Hotel of the Year.
Кулинарный тур в Грузию (English)
10 July

Кулинарный тур в Грузию (English)

Грузинская кухня «из первых рук» - гастрономические мастер-классы от шефов и не только. Кухня Грузии знаменита оригинальными контрастами острого и пряного, сочным ароматным мясом, многочисленными соусами и, конечно же, красным вином.